The RCI or International Competition Rules

What is the RCI?

This extremely complete dog sport combines 3 exercises: Tracking, Obedience and Defense

The RCI has 3 levels, RCI 1, 2 and 3. Before being able to go to RCI 1, the dog must first obtain his Certificate of Sociability and Aptitude for Use (CSAU from 12 months) and his RCI certificate (from 14 months).

The RCI is a very complete and demanding discipline which puts forward all the capacities of the dog, it also requires a lot of time from the handler for training.

For the moment, the Malinois and German Shepherds are the most represented breeds in RCI, but this discipline is open to all breeds authorized to practice sporting teeth.

For more information on the RCI, you can visit the website of the National Use Commission (

Tracking (part A):

The track (along) is practiced outdoors, on pasture, plowing or stubble land.

The track is predefined by the passage of a tracer (in Certificate and RCI 1, it is the handler of the dog who traces the track). Several objects will be left on the track. At the start of the track, the handler must indicate to the judge whether the dog marks the objects (sitting, lying or standing), or if he brings them back.

At the certificate the track is about 200 paces long, with a right angle and an object. The handler takes his dog to the track directly after having drawn it.

In RCI 1, the track has about 300 steps, 3 straight lines, 2 right angles, and 2 objects. Change compared to the Certificate, the handler will bring his dog on the track 20 minutes after having drawn it.

In RCI 2 the track is drawn by a foreign person. The handler will have to wait 30 minutes after the passage of the tracer to bring his dog on the track. This track is about 400 paces long, has 2 right angles, 3 straight lines and 2 objects.

In RCI 3 the track is still traced by a foreign person and the handler will have to wait 60 minutes after the passage of the tracer to bring his dog on the track. The track has about 600 steps, has 5 straight lines, 4 right angles and the dog will have to find 3 objects.

Everything is noted, from the track record to how to mark or return objects.

Obedience (part B):

Looks a lot like the discipline of the same name with a few variations. Two dogs enter the field, one is lying free while the second is doing his obedience course. The dog must always be happy, quick in performing the exercises, stand to the left of his handler and have his shoulder level with the latter's knee.

Obedience exercises:

Continued on a leash

Suite without leash

Lying down while walking with reminder

Object report

Free jump

Lying free under diversion

Free jump with report

Climbing a Palisade with Object Report

Forward sending with lying

Standing while walking

Lying down during the run

Standing during the running step

Defense (part C):

The dog works in front of a Male Assistant equipped with a Frabo and a toast. The dog can only bite the Frabo. Everything is noted, the catches (full mouth), barking, speed of execution, cessations, vigilance, etc ...

Defense exercises:

Confrontation and barking

The Assistant Man's Escape

Defense of the dog during the guard phase


Evil's Quest

Attack on the dog during movement

Driving from behind

Attack on the dog while driving from behind

Aggression during the guard phase

Source: Pontois Canine Education Club