Training a dog to lie down

Why teach the dog the command "lying down"?

The prone position is an important posture in dog training. It is a long-term waiting position. It will be much easier to keep your dog in the same place while you are away if he is lying down than if he is sitting or standing.

A lying dog is less impressive and this posture will reassure people in restaurants, on public transport or other parents after school.

However, it should never be used during the presentation phase between two dogs. Prefer the "seated" position which is socially neutral and does not encourage conflict.

How to teach the dog the order "lying down"?

There are several methods of teaching a dog how to lie down. Canibest exclusively uses positive education methods, therefore without restriction.

Some dogs with strong character or very fearful will find it difficult to accept this learning. If you use force, you will point them and risk the bite or run away.

Start by seating the dog, half the work will already be done (see our tips for seating a dog)

Take some food between your fingers (see our tips on dog rewards)

Don't say nothing, no order

Place your hand about 10 cm in front of the mouth of the

Slowly, gradually lower your hand to the level of the ground, while maintaining this distance of 10 cm.

The dog should lie down on his own. Its legs being longer than its mouth, this is the easiest way for it to reach the treat.

Congratulate him strongly by repeating the word "Couché" or "Down" several times, associated with "Good boy!", "That's good!", "Well done!" according to your preferences.

Give him his reward and a little caress.

Repeat the exercise several times, gradually reducing food rewards while maintaining vocal rewards and petting.

Some dogs will not sit still and stand up when you lower the reward to ground level. Return the treat to the palm of your hand and repeat the exercise from the beginning by sitting down.

Above all, be patient and keep calm, learning can be more difficult for some dogs but they are all successful

Another way to sit a dog:

Some dogs have a really hard time learning this exercise, especially small dogs whose short legs allow them to grab food without having to lie down.

The most efficient is to create a tunnel:

By stretching out the leg in front of you (it requires a little gymnastics for the master ...)

By placing a broom handle a few inches above the ground

You then place the treat on the other side of the tunnel, which forces the dog to crawl to catch it. You can congratulate him as soon as he goes to bed. This is the same method that you will use to teach a dog to crawl.

Start this exercise in a quiet place, free from outside stress. As you go, add more difficulties (congeners, noise, children ...) and change location (the street, in front of markets, in front of schools, train stations ...)

If you do not succeed, contact our switchboard, a behavioral dog trainer will come to your home to help you teach your dog to lie down.