Living with a dog in Rouen 

Rouen (76), the city of 100 spiers, has no shortage of assets to seduce its inhabitants.

A city center steeped in history where it is good to stroll, the banks of the Seine laid out in meadows, a few municipal parks in the heart of the city, and above all, numerous forests a few minutes by car from the city center!

If your companion enjoys resting in his cozy little nest, above all he loves going out and discovering new places, rich in smells and stimuli of all kinds. This is all the more true for young dogs who must quickly socialize in contact with their fellows, and get used to the noises of the city from an early age.

Don't know where to go to stretch your legs? Follow the guide!

The historic center

The cobbled streets, the half-timbered houses, walking through the historic center of Rouen will be as pleasant for you as it is for your companion! The perfect opportunity to practice walking on a leash. Adjoining its majestic cathedral, you can enjoy the Albane garden, which follows the lines of a cloister that should have been built in the 13th century.

The gardens of the town hall

 They are located behind the Saint Ouen abbey, offers more than 25000m2 of rolling lawn. A true haven of peace in the heart of the city, where plane trees and chestnut trees come together, offering pleasant shaded areas for hot summer days.

The Verdrel square

A little smaller but just as pleasant, the Verdrel square, with its hundred-year-old trees and its cascading body of water, also offers a beautiful 9000m2 relaxation area in the very center of the city.

The Saint-Sever meadow

It is located on the lower quays of the left bank, offers a 3 km walk along the Seine to the Rollet peninsula. 1.5 hectares of space are thus set up for a Sunday outing, which will delight the whole family. It is also the perfect place if you like to run with your companion.

The Sainte Catherine coast

For the more athletic, and if your companion needs a workout, why not climb the 525 steps of the Côte Sainte Catherine together? On arrival, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city, which inspired among others Claude Monet, leader of the Impressionists.

The Green Forest

Outside the city, to enjoy greater freedom, nothing will please your pooch more than being able to frolic in the forest. And for that, you don't have to go very far! The Green Forest, 6 km north of Rouen, is particularly appreciated by residents for its paved paths and cycle paths, which attract many joggers.

Roumare forest

To the west of Rouen, the Roumare forest, nestled in a bend in the Seine, with its many landscaped paths and its animal park, is a place for walks appreciated by the inhabitants of the agglomeration.

Find other information on parks and gardens on the site of the city of Rouen (76) by clicking on this link.

On the equipment side, the city has installed 250 bag dispensers; find out their position by following this link.

Our canine expert in the Rouennaise area (76), Anthony will therefore be happy to help you with the education and behavior of your dog.