Living with a dog in Nantes 

The city of the Dukes is a dream, regularly ranked among the favorite cities of the French, its living environment and the proximity to the ocean make many of us fantasize about putting our bags there. It is therefore surprising to note that Nantes (44) only ranks around the 20th place among "dog friendly" cities.

The city of 100 parks and gardens

More than 1000 hectares of greenery cover the Nantes area (44). You are spoiled for choice for your walks with your dog. You thus have the possibility of strolling along the Loire, in the park of the building sites, a high place of the culture in Nantes (44). You will also appreciate the famous machines of the island and contemplate the majestic mechanical elephant. You can also walk your faithful companions there in large expanses of peerages such as the Ch├ęzine park, a real “green lung” of the metropolis of the Pays de la Loire. This site has, in fact, 11 hectares of plant heritage, where you will discover a particularly rich flora in spring as well as remarkable trees by their size or their shape, you will also like the adorable small pond in the heart of the park where your dog will be able to cool off.

More details on the parks and gardens Do not hesitate to visit the website of the city of Nantes (44) by following this link.

The biggest dog show in France takes place in Nantes (44)!

The Saint Hubert Territorial Canine Association of the West is organizing on December 14 and 15 at the Beaujoire exhibition center, the largest double canine event in France. Over 25000m2 covered and heated, more than 5000 dogs are expected during this event open to the public. Let yourself be tempted by the experience in one of the most beautiful exhibition centers in the country, on the banks of the Erdre. You will meet there all kinds of professionals from the canine world such as breeders, educators, passionate behaviorists who will gladly answer any questions you may have about dog breeds, their training and their behavior.

For more information about this dog show you can follow this link.


The Nantes-Atlantique veterinary, agro-food and food school is one of the 4 large French schools which provide training for veterinarians. It also trains engineers in the food industry and engineers in biotechnology and animal health. It is home to the university hospital center, where an emergency service welcomes animals 24/7. The national order of veterinarians lists 537 practitioners practicing in Loire Atlantique (44), or 1 veterinarian for 2700 inhabitants.

But then, why Nantes (44) is not one of the most welcoming cities in France for dogs?

In fact, this ranking takes into account several criteria, including access to public transport with our four-legged friends. On this side, the city's policy is very restrictive, in fact, according to the internal regulations of the agglomeration's public transport (the TAN), only dogs in cages or in a box are allowed on buses and trams. basket. This is obviously very impractical for owners of large dogs and it becomes a problem for those wishing to go to the vet or have their dog educated at Canibest. In addition, we can see that this overall rating is negatively impacted, by the fact that the Nantes municipality (44) does not offer dog education courses, nor prevention with children to avoid bites.

Thus, we hope that the upcoming municipal ballot will allow proposals to emerge in favor of our friends the dogs and consequently improve their living environment throughout the Nantes conurbation.

If you want to work on the education and behavior of your dog, do not hesitate to get in touch with Thomas, our canine expert in the Nantes region (44).