Group dog education lessons

Working in a gentle way, CANIBEST dog trainers intervene at home for the integration of the puppy into the home and to solve or prevent behavior problems (uncleanliness, barking, destruction, running away ...). To learn the basics of obedience, we also offer individual lessons in 15 parks in Paris, in IDF and in the provinces.

But very often, we recommend combining these individual lessons with group dog training lessons. they are important in the process of educating and socializing a dog.

For learning by "mimicry":

Your dog will learn the right behavior by copying the one adopted by his fellows. Bringing several dogs together will therefore allow each individual to work on their weak points and to better understand certain exercises.

If necessary we involve our own regulator dogs, whose particularly stable character will allow other dogs to calm down and adopt the right behavior, whatever their excitement.

It can happen for example to us to attach two dogs to the same leash, with a coupling, so that the calmer one slows down the second.

For dog socialization:

Group dog training courses allow the puppy to socialize and socialize the adult dog who has become aggressive or fearful. By increasing the number of encounters with their fellows, dogs will learn to manage relationships, conflicts and their impulses in order to adopt acceptable behavior within a pack. They will find that there is no danger in meeting other dogs if they adopt the right attitude. We will always organize play time after lessons in order to allow the dogs to let off steam, to run, under the permanent control of our dog trainers.

Without any constraint and without choke collar:

Choke collars (or "sanitary"), whatever the type, are prohibited during our dressage courses. These barbaric utensils adversely affect the animal's well-being and its education.

We work gently and with respect for the dog using positive reinforcement methods. We will therefore use food, toys, a clicker, cuddles and sports to get the dog to obey you. He will soon realize that it is easy and pleasant to obtain these rewards.

The ideal is to be able to alternate individual lessons and group lessons. A dog without any educational basis would not be accepted in a course that it would disrupt or endanger. Some lessons must be done individually, in the city or in the forest. Canibest therefore offers several dog training packages according to your dog's needs and your travel possibilities.

With us, no course of 40 dogs going around in circles like in a kennel club. We work in small classes of 5 to 7 dogs so that the dog trainer can remain available for each master. We organize level groups and specific courses aimed at reviewing particular points of dressage (socialization, walking in step, recall, not moving ....). For younger dogs we also offer a puppy school.

For the more advanced dogs, we also offer introductory agility sessions with obstacle courses, from initiation to truffle research or tracking.

To register for the lessons, you must consult the group lesson schedule and contact the switchboard or the dog trainer who follows your dog.

Please do not come accompanied so as not to destabilize the dogs by the presence of children playing next to them.

Please also come with 1 dog and not a whole pack. You wouldn't necessarily be able to master them all.