Doga or Yoga with your dog

What is Doga?

"DOGA", or "RUFF YOGA" is YOGA with a dog! This dog sport was born in the United States in 2001, more particularly in New York, then quickly spread across the country. Americans are now very keen on this activity and a club even opened in London last year.

This is not about teaching your dog to do yoga poses or gymnastic moves. The objective is to foster the bond between the teacher and her dog and to involve the latter in the yoga postures.

According to "doga" fans, there is nothing more relaxing than having your little dog stand on your stomach while you make the bridge. The discipline combines massage, meditation and stretching, both for the owner and his dog.

According to Suzi Teitelman, creator of DOGA, each dog reacts differently. Some love it, others have a harder time getting started. Above all, do not force them or try to convince them with treats. Doga is a discipline that is learned over time.

Of course, the dog must be channeled a minimum and he must be very close to his master. In the end, the Doga is above all a privileged moment of sharing with your dog.

Quels sont les avantages du Doga ?

  • Renforcement significatif du lien entre le propriétaire et le chien.
  • Meilleure socialisation de votre animal
  • Réduction du niveau de stress et l’anxiété pour le maître et son chien
  • Pratique d’un exercice physique complet
  • Favorise l’obéissance du chien
  • Améliore la circulation sanguine et la respiration du maitre et de son chien