Children's poems about dogs

My dog ​​kirikou

My dog ​​Kirikou is crazy,

He plays a lot with us.

He has fun with the ball,

And makes us go around in circles.

In the evening he sleeps on the sofa,

Like a real baby.

Katell, 5 years old from Squiffiec

The dog

My beautiful hot dog

My hot dog full of water

You are a gold mine

My little treasure

The little gourmand

My annoying dog

The beautiful talent

You will always be endearing

With your beautiful compliments

The polite dog

Stay in your shelter

My best friend

You are very kind.

Alexandre, 9 years old from Courcelette

The dog

The dog runs after its tail

He barks, he is happy

But she runs like a ferret

He never catches up to her

The dog runs after its tail

He growls, he is unhappy

Its tail lands on its nose And the dog is no longer angry.

Amélie, 11 years old from De Haan

My dog

My big dog full of hair

Likes to eat marrowbones.

He has ocher-colored hairs

And when he growls he looks like an ogre.

Her eyes are shimmering.

Its truffle is a large black mushroom.

His ears, like slippers, wiggle constantly

And his love is incomparable.

Antoine, from Compiègne

My Pomneranese dog

My dog ​​... a Pomneranien.

He has little teeth ... crossed in front

He has long hair ... my animal

Blond and red ... very soft, sweet

And I love him a lot.

Cassandre, 9 years old, from Hull

My dog

My dog ​​who is very cuddly

I like it

When he is near me

He barks every time

He runs after my cat

And i don't like

But when he stops

I make her party

He's a rascal

But I like him.

Corentin, 10 years old from Troisvilles

My dog

The dog, a very intelligent animal,

One day didn't manga anything

Because he had a toothache!

Poor dog !

He must be taken to the dentist!

Of course not

He's not a human!

He must be taken to the dentist,

But ... special dog !!!

Elodie, 12 years old from Dole

My dog ​​is ...

My dog ​​is very naughty

And is able to bake bread

For the most naughty of morning awakenings.

Stéphanie, 11 years old from Saint-Antoine

My dog

My dog ​​is very smart

In the wee hours of the morning

Before his big feast

He gets hugs.

With her eyes full of sadness

He watches me eat my bread

Reminding me of my promise

To give him his.

It's time to go out

My dog ​​shows a wide smile

And will follow my path

Up to the corner.

There on the mound of snow

That he uses as a seat

He's waiting for my bus

To greet me with his truffle

This is what my dog ​​does.

This is what my dog ​​is.

He is very smart

And we like it.


A dog barks

Listen to the noises of the night behind the closed windows

Seems like it is little.

A step comes, a step flies

The last bus that passes

Someone singing somewhere

An airplane deep in space

A neighbor who comes home very late

A dog is barking.

A tomcat meows.

We hear a bicycle slide.

The night is full of words that come from air and water.

Madja, 10 years old from Casablanca

My dog

In my garden

I saw a dog

He was black and white

And sat on the bench

He started barking

So I brought it in

I put it on the sofa

He fell asleep completely

So to prove my love to him

So I kissed him.

Mathilde, 9 and a half years old from Sarcelles

The sea dog

The sea dog

Guardian of the good

Is very smart

The guardian dog

Of the garden

Keeps very well.

Maxime, 8 years old from Shannon

The dog

My dog,

Is smart,

At school,

He always has glue,

Everybody laughs,

From him,

Hee hee hee,

Everybody laughs,

Hee hee hee,

Poor of him,

But now,

My dog ​​is no longer mean,

He has a lot of friends,

He laughs too,

But from whom,

Not you,

Hee hee hee,

But it's good about me.

Julie, 10 years old

My vanilla bitch

I love my Vanilla

With his scowl

She frolics around and it makes me laugh

With his all white hair

All beautiful and all glossy.

Mégane, 10 years old from Saint-Marcel